They say that if you put frog in cold water, then heat the water, the poor frog will never realized it’s slowly being cooked. Sometimes mailers are like frogs because sometimes they don't know that they are in hot water until it's too late. For example:

  • Overlooked Workshare discounts
  • Not understanding data management best practices
  • Failing to use the optimal address hygiene methods
  • Paying too much for transportation services
  • Paying too much for presort services for residual mail
  • Making easily-corrected errors in mail preparation
  • Penalties for exceeding USPS quality thresholds
  • Inefficient production flow
  • Not understanding how to deal with the Postal Service
Mailers Hub has the solution; Mailers Hub Consulting Services.

Mailers Hub experts can review your mailing operation, find the undetected issues, and help resolve them... before you "get cooked".

It’s an affordable ounce of prevention.

Companies have expertise in their primary line of business, but those with in-house mail production or receiving operations, or that do their own address file maintenance, may not be experts in those “back-office” activities. At Mailers Hub, our expertise is mail – from design through production – including related functions like list management, address hygiene, and postal compliance. Our job is to examine every part of your mailing operation and recommend improvements so it runs as efficiently as possible.

Database Review: Getting your message to the intended recipient starts with having a correct, complete, and deliverable address. We examine not only your address file, but how its contents are managed, from collection, through correction, to placement on the outgoing mailpiece.

Mail Production: Producing finished mail can be a source of cost and inefficiency. We review all steps of mail production to optimize workflow, eliminate extra steps, and ensure your mailings get into the mailstream as quickly as possible.

Scorecard Monitoring: You need to know how well your mail met postal standards. We monitor your Mailer Scorecard to detect errors reported by the USPS, act to re-mediate their causes, and ensure mistakes happen only once.

Returns: People move, but making sure your messages still reach them requires ongoing measures. We review your practices for handling returned mail and address list maintenance to ensure that future mailings go to the right address.

You do not have to be a subscriber to Mailers Hub to contract our Consulting Services.