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 Subject : How Do I Post?.. 07/08/2020 08:15:21 PM 
Michelle Raymond
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Welcome to the Mailers Hub Equipment Exchange! While this service is open to both subscribers and non-subscribers alike, you will at least need to create a profile to be able to participate. This can be done in a couple of quick steps:

Subscribers: You already have a profile. Sign in to the Mailers Hub site with your usual user ID and password.

1. You will create your profile by entering your email address and creating a password. (LINK BELOW)
2. After creating a password, please check your profile page to confirm your username. This is typically your email address, but is worth checking.
3. Start posting! Click "New Topic" to begin your own thread, or "reply" to comment on another.
4. To retrieve your username or reset your password, simply click on "log in" and leave the fields blank. You will be prompted with links for both. Or email us for assistance.

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