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 Subject : Need entry-level envelope printer.. 06/24/2021 11:09:30 AM 
Eric Lambeth
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Since I'm on the software side of things, I don't know enough about printers, but would love to learn more. In this case, I have a new client who just purchased our bulk mail software but now needs a printer and doesn't know where to turn, so I need to lend assistance. Here's his need:

He's always printing the return address, indicia, and address block with IMB on #10 envelopes. He'll run approximately 500-2000 per job, and the job will happen about twice a month. It's a single 20# sheet inserted, but they can do that after the printing. This is literally all that they mail. They will be doing the folding+stuffing by hand; no interest in getting a machine to do it.

He couldn't give me a budget, so what would be the least expensive option to get this job done?

Thank you in advance!
 Subject : Re:Need entry-level envelope printer.. 06/24/2021 02:34:10 PM 
George Heinrich, The Postal Professor
Posts: 42
Hello Eric. If he's looking for a printer that will print both envelopes and the letters he might have trouble locating one that will handle the envelopes without issue. If he only needs a desktop laser to print the letters I recommend HP 404n monochrome printers. I have a few clients who use these in their office environments and they seem to be both fast and reliable. I found one of these on the Staples website for less than $300. I'm not sure but if the printer has a single page feeder on it, it might also handle the envelopes as well. Hope this helps.

 Subject : Re:Need entry-level envelope printer.. 06/24/2021 03:07:50 PM 
Sheree Byrd
Posts: 12
You could have them give L & D Mail Masters, Inc. a call at 812-981-7161
 Subject : Re:Need entry-level envelope printer.. 06/24/2021 03:47:31 PM 
Eric Lambeth
Posts: 16
It looks like they're going to go with the Professor's recommendation, and the HP rep I spoke to thought it was a great idea as usual. I'll keep L&D in my rolodex for future questions like this, which will definitely happen. Thank you both!
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