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 Subject : Sorter -- Tempe AZ -- The Master's Touch.. 02/14/2022 11:01:52 AM 
Leo Raymond
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Contact: Jim Cote’
Jim Cote


Master’s Touch Criterion IV
Serial number - 0641043
Service Tag number - 92175A
Machine idle since May, 2018. Software agreement cancelled at that time so all related software is outdated.
Hardware keys still on computers.
Computers -
 Sorter Manager/SCS, Ubuntu (SM/SCS software outdated). Last mailing dated 5-4-2018.
 Netsort Server, Ubuntu (Netsort software outdated). Last mailing dated 5-4-2018.
 SBR (no SBR+). Windows 7, SBR software outdated.
User name - administrator, password BB&H04
 SBV/A. Windows 7
User name - administrator, password BB&H04
Other related hardware -
 Two computer switch boxes - one has SM, Server and SBV computers on it, the other just the SBR.
 Two monitors - one with SBR displayed, the other switch between SM, Server and SBV
 Two keyboards/mice. One for SBR, the other for SM, Server and SBV.
 Eaton UPS - disconnected, needs batteries. Customer installed their own UPS.
Additional attachments -
 J-series bins - 64 bins
 IMB Printer - 37PC. It still has ink in the system even though being idle for 10 months. I drained the ink and primed the system with fresh makeup for storage.
 Unused Printer - PC70. It had empty bottles in it.
 Zebra Tag Printer (latest model) functional.
 There is no reports printer and no Fortinet Router (never had a router). To run reports they’d put everything on a thumb drive, print from an off-line printer and submit the mail.dat.
Machine Condition -
 Generally it’s in good workable condition. All drive belts and pulleys, including bins, in good condition.
Bearings sound good on bins. Front-end Criterion sounds a bit noisy the OCR section so bearings would need to be checked. All the Criterion transport belts need changing. That includes the green flat feed belts right after the envelope feeder assembly, the setting station, the OCR and IJ/BCR sections. Also the blue feeder assembly belts, the singulator belts, feeder guides and feeder assist rollers. The magazine belts are in good shape.
 All wear plates in the OCR and IJ/BCR sections look good with little wear. Groove wear on the deck at the feeder assembly area.
 The machine is very dusty from sitting idle for 10 months. Much ink overspray on the deck around the IJ print heads.
 Hand tach test results -
OCR section - 128 ips (Diagnostics displays 133), J/BCR section - 135 ips (Diagnostics displays 137).
I ran bin sequence test - passed. I did not run Reader or Printer tests because of outdated SBR software and because IJ at time of arrival was full of outdated ink and there was no extra Ink on- site. SBR camera setup software is set at 161 ips not 135.
 Most indicator lambs are out on operator control panel.
 Shouldered screw for 37PC print head wrong one (shoulder on screw to deep). Screw does not hold head cover tight as a result.
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