Clerks’ Union Preemptively Protests Next PMG

Privatization in any form is anathema to the American Postal Workers Union, representing clerks, maintenance employees, motor vehicle drivers, and others. After decades of successfully insulating its members from the economic realities impacting the Postal Service, the union is ever-watchful for any potential threat to their comfortable status quo.

Perceived danger

The imminent selection of a new postmaster general is an occasion where the unknown of who that person may be has the APWU concerned, especially given that the selection will be by governors with a strong business background who were nominated and confirmed by conservative politicians.

Though the search for a replacement for Megan Brennan has yet to reach a publicly-disclosed conclusion, the APWU is already inciting opposition to an assumed candidate it fears will be predisposed toward privatization of the Postal Service. This has been expressed in the union’s anxiously premature call to “Stop the Postal Sell-off. Say NO to a privatizer as the Postmaster General.”

Protecting “the public”

Again equating its self-interest with the public’s, the union is claiming “this public good [the USPS] is at risk if we don’t all act soon. … The people will rightly expect a new Postmaster General who will uphold the Postal Service’s public mission and will work to preserve and enhance our national treasure.” Translation: we’re worried a new PMG might demand greater efficiency and reduce the ranks of APWU members.

The union also claims that “there is a real risk that Brennan’s successor could hand over parts of the service to private, profit-making corporations and prepare it for a wholesale sell-off.” Such overheated apprehensiveness may work well to motivate the membership, but how interested a private sector company really would be in a sprawling institution awash in debt, saddled with an ambiguous and costly mission, and chronically mismanaged by Congressional meddlers is another question.

Nonetheless, the potential for Marvin Runyon’s second coming has the APWU’s defense mechanism on high alert.

 Excerpted from the November 23 issue of Mailers Hub News. 

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