The Scorecard: A Business Tool, Not A Punishment!

Today's commentary was contributed by Scorecard expert, Mailers Hub webinar presenter, and all-around industry guru, Tom Glassman

Recently, the Mailers Hub experts have been getting frequent calls and emails asking about the consequences of mail preparation errors, particularly as the requirement for Seamless Acceptance draws near. Typical questions involve By/For, undocumented mail, and address hygiene; whether the volume of mail with errors will result in assessments; and what mail producers can do to minimize errors.  From this, we believe many commercial mailers are confused about, or don’t understand, the value and use of the Mailer Scorecard, a very detailed and comprehensive report produced by the Postal Service to report the accuracy and quality of what a mailing company produces.

The questions we ask in return include whether the caller accesses the Scorecard, knows of the wide range of information available, and uses it to determine why and from where the reported issues are coming.  

  • Is the Scorecard being checked daily?  
  • Is data being accumulated to identify and track trends? 
  • Are there follow-up processes to enable investigation of reported errors? 
  • Are there best practices developed based on what error investigations reveal?

Reviewing the Scorecard data on a daily basis and retaining it over time not only helps catch problems early and avoid penalties, it also enables quality control over the entire mail production process.  Moreover, what the Scorecard reveals can also provide opportunities for the mailer to offer value-added services to clients, particularly address hygiene.

On Tuesday, July 21 at 1 PM, Mailers Hub will be hosting a webinar where we will examine all of these topics, as well as how to drill deeper into the scorecard data, find patterns, apply the best business practices, and, if needed, to defend yourself with the USPS.

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