Does your Mailer Scorecard tell you that you have mail preparation problems?

Do you know what is causing these problems, or how to fix them?

Knowing that something is wrong is only half the story.

Mailers Hub can complete the picture. And find solutions.

For less than the cost of assigning an employee part-time, let alone hiring one, we can monitor your scorecard daily, evaluate the data, and alert you to potential problems. We also can analyze any process or operational issues that may be contributing to errors and, if necessary, help you dispute an assessment.

 Mailers Hub has Scorecard Monitoring options to fit your budget and your needs. Learn more today.

Full-Service Scorecard Monitoring Package

Mailers Hub and WindowBook have partnered to offer a Full-Service Scorecard Monitoring Package, at 35% savings over the components priced individually.

This includes:

  • WindowBook YourScore Monitoring
    Checks your Scorecard daily to alert you to problems
  • Mailers Hub Scorecard Analysis and Resolution
    We let you know why there are errors and how to fix them
  • Reduced Pricing for Training & Consultation
    Improve processes and empower your staff with the knowledge to keep your Scorecard "clean".

These components are also available individually, to best suit your unique needs. Click below to start building your solution.

Investing in your Scorecard today will save you the much larger costs of assessments tomorrow.