Training Courses 

Training and development provides both the individuals and the organization as a whole with benefits that make the cost and time of training a worthwhile investment.

The return from training and development of employees is really a no brainer:

  • Improved employee performance
  • Improved satisfaction and morale
  • Addressing weakness
  • Increased productivity
  • Adherence to quality standards
  • Fewer mistakes

We offer over 45 training courses and certifications today. We also offer custom courses to address your business’s specific need.

Our instructors are industry professionals from across the nation with decades of experience in postal, print, fulfillment, and multi-channel marketing disciplines. Below are a few of the many training opportunities we offer:

Certificate courses

  • Mailing Service Provider
  • Mailpiece Design Consultant
  • Office Service Professional
  • Quality Control Basics for Mailing Service Providers
  • Quality Mail Preparation Specialist

 Basic and Advanced Mail courses

  • Mailpiece Design
  • Nonprofit Mail
  • Addressing
  • Informed Visibility and Informed Delivery
  • Business Customer Gateway
  • Mailer Scorecard
  • International Mail

Management and Mail Production courses

  • LEAN Concepts and Best Practices
  • Quality Control and Writing SOPs
  • Leadership
  • Simple Project Management

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